Hot Ear

2005-08-18 03:06:02′, ‘

I know that it is supposed to be career ending to post anything about work in a Blog, but I guess that it is time that I did it. I was quietly minding my own business in my Cubicle at work this morning when I noticed that the top of my right ear was getting very hot. I rubbed on it but could not find anything wrong with the ear, no injuries or bumps. The only thing that I could figure was that maybe somebody, somewhere, was talking about me. There was nothing I could do about it and after about 5 minutes, my ear stopped bothering me and I went on about my day doing work things. In the afternoon a woman, who I barely knew, came into my Cubicle and asked me if my ears had been burning in the morning. I just stared at her and she said that my name had come up in a Program Management meeting and something about me had been discussed for a short while. She wouldn’t tell me what it was about, but for some reason she seeked me out and felt the need to tell me it happened. I informed her that in fact, my ears HAD been burning this morning and it was the right ear. She just stared at me and gave a kind of fake laugh, so I told her that REALLY, my ear had been burning. I was not joking about it. She did not look like she believed me and she left. I don’t think I made a very good impression on her and she was important enough to be sitting in a Program Management meeting. The next time my name comes up in a meeting, I don’t know what she will say about me. But now I know there was a reason for my hot ear. I wish I knew what they had been saying about me.’, ‘