Bird Feeder Trap

While on my Deck, I heard a noise coming from the bird feeder this evening. I decided to video the opening of it. I don’t know how it got in there. Or how long. I had put seed in yesterday.

Road Runner

I was 3d printing a Road Runner when his legs broke and it started printing onto nothing. So it printed into thin air for about 30 mins before i stopped it. I think he needs thicker legs.

A Melted Wire

As part of our house upgrade, I bought an new dryer. I thought I would use the 240v plug from the old dryer. Three of the wires had been properly installed, but the forth red wire had been installed using a cheap bolt and nut. They had rusted together and I had to break the bolt with vice grips to disconnect the wire. As the picture shows, the poor connection had caused the red wire to heat up to the point that the insulation had melted into a blob, leaving damaged exposed copper wire. It never smoked or started a fire, and I don’t know how long ago the damage started occurring, but I had to buy an new 240v plug for the new dryer. So far the new dryer is working fine.

Bread Machine Malfunction

My bread maker had a structural malfunction. It blew dough all over the burner and smoked up the house. I had to finish it in the Oven. Its still edible.

She Trusts Me

I am about to use the bucket of my tractor to drive a steel post into the ground while my trusting wife holds it straight. She survived with no injuries.

3D Print Failure

Another 3D print failure. This was supposed to be a 3 switch light switch plate, but the holes for the plate and the holes for the screws seem to be wrong. Plus it was squirting the plastic all over.

I went out to get the mail. Across the street, they were making hay bales. I never got to see that sort of thing when I was living in Fairfax. I think the guy in the green tractor saw me taking his picture.

Sourdough OverFlow

Back in the Spring when yeast was not available, I picked up some sourdough starter and got it going in a jar. I made sourdough bread by hand and using my bread maker. I also made sourdough pancakes with blueberries. I started a 2nd jar as a backup in case I messed up and put it in the fridge to slow down the little yeasties. Yesterday I pulled it out after 2 months and it was looking a little funky. I cleaned it up and added some flour in order to wake the yeast up or to see if I had kill them. The rubber band shows where the sourdough was at after I added a cup. According to the internet, it may take a while for that to happen. They were wrong. Overnight they generated enough yeast bubbles to overflow the jar. So I guess things are good. Now to make more bread.

When Nature Attacks — A Car

The bumper in my Prius was savagely attacked by some sort of viscous Prius hating thing that bit the bumper many times last night. We have put a blue band aid over the hole to make the Prius feel better. But we don’t know why it was ravaged. Those are tooth marks by the way. This may be another symptom of living out in the country. I won’t even mention the raccoons and bears that are bothering my Bird feeders.

We found a Blue Band Aid to make the Prius feel better.