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I left my tent up after OctoberFest.  It turns out to have been a bad decision.  We got a lot of snow in December, about a foot an an half.  Since I had left my tent up, it failed to support that much snow.  It snapped a number of my tentpoles and got a little flat.

A lot of Snow fell on my tent

When Nature Attacks, Someone at the Cabin Goes Down

2009-12-30 02:24:19

On Memorial Day Weekend, A Motorcyclist was riding down the trail at the Farm House when he was attacked and thrown from his motorcycle by an element of Nature.  It slashed his face as it lifted him from his bike, viciously pulled him into the air and smashed him into the ground.   His collarbone was shattered and required surgery and he also sustained a broken ankle.   Doug W. helped drag his damaged body out of the woods to the road where Fire and Rescue personnel took him to the hospital.   There they surgically removed his very expensive motocross body armor.   His boots were saved tho, because they removed them before Doug arrived.   Due to the nature of his wounds it was necessary to evacuate him to a Fairfax Hospital where his collarbone was reconstructed and somewhere along the way his face was stitched up.   The ankle only got a soft cast.

In other words a,Vicious vegetative verdant Vino Vine violently vaulted a valiant vanguard who Vacated and vamoosed from his Vehicle with vehemence and velocity leaving the victim a vestige of his vivaciousness.

When Nature Attacks

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Eddie and I joined Anna’s Scouts at the cabin Saturday nite. Eddie had a lot of fun and stayed up late playing Capture the Flag with the scouts.    Then we went to bed in our tent.   About 3 O’clock in the morning I heard an animal moving around the tent and since it was outside, I just listened to it a little bit and went back to sleep.   A little later, I heard another noise.   I opened my eyes and it’s pitch black, can’t see a thing. I am still a bit sleepy and it seems that the animal is inside the tent.   I am trying to figure out how it got inside the tent when I realize that the animal is moving towards me in the dark. I feel it start to climb on my air mattress,   I give a crazy yell to scare it and shove at it so that it flies across the tent. Then it makes a noise that sounds like “Daddy, why did you push me off the bed?” It seems that Eddie decided to move from his air mattress to mine.   Oh well, no blood no foul.

Mom’s new Kitten was all limp after I sat on it

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Mom has a new kitten which jumped onto my lap and fell asleep.   I had to go look at something, so I picked it up and placed its limp sleeping body in the chair.   When I was done I came back and sat down.  After about 10 seconds I felt something move under me.   I looked down and saw  a little black paw sticking out from between my legs.   It wasn’t making any noise or struggling in any way.  I got up and the cat was just laying there on its back with its legs all kinda splayed out.   When I picked up the kitten, it was all limp in my hands.   I couldn’t tell if the cat was just still asleep or that I had killed it.  I shook it some to see if I could just wake it up, but I was worried that if something in the cat was broke, that I would make the cat’s problem worse if I shook it too hard.   So after some gentle wiggling of the cat, it seemed to move its legs a little.   Eventually after much poking, I woke the cat up and it walked slowly away from me.  Now I don’t know if I knocked the cat out or just had a hard time waking it up, or both.   But the good thing is that I didn’t kill mom’s cat.’, ‘

I hit my ankle with my axe

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Since my lawn maintenance worker decided to stop mowing my lawn, I had to get Nick to fix the walk behind mower that I bought from him about 10 years ago.  After Nick played with the carburetor, it started on the second pull.  I decided to mow my lawn today.   So I chased the mower around the yard and when I got about 3/4 thru, the mower started surging and then died.  I called Nick, who remotely diagnosed that  I had water in my tank.  I drained some gas into a bottle and could not tell if there was any water in there.  I had to syphon the gas out of  the tank and I now remember vividly what gas tastes like.  I then practiced spitting a lot.  I tore things apart and figured that there was a bunch of dirt at the bottom of the new tank that Nick had put on the mower.   The new gas filter he had put on, was full of junk.  I was jamming Q-Tips into the drain thing to try to clear out the clog but nothing worked.   I eventually put a hose on the drain thing and blew air back into the tank.  At first it was hard to blow and then it blew clear.  I once again remembered what gas tasted like.  When I hooked things back up, the gas was flowing freely.  I finished mowing the lawn. 

Later I decided to chop down a maple tree that was putting too much shade in my back yard with my Axe. It was only about 6 inches in diameter, so I figured I did not need to get out the Chainsaw.   After about 3 minutes of chopping the tree went Thump, Thump and was leaning against another tree with a very long 3 inch diameter branch sticking out over the back yard.  It was about a foot  over my head and I tried to swing at it to start cutting it off.  I missed.  It was a very hard swing.  I had not expected to miss it.  My arms continued to move in an arc past the branch and then down straight in front of me.  Next thing I knew, it had stopped by hitting my left ankle.   I had sharpened my Axe very well.  I looked down at my foot, expecting the worst, but found that I had put my hiking boots on in order to mow the lawn.   There was no blood.  I went inside and took the boot off.  I had a 3 inch line of scraped skin starting at my ankle that was beginning to swell.  Like Ouchie.  I had thought about wearing my Teva sandals to mow the lawn,  but in retrospect, I made the right decision.