Mom’s new Kitten was all limp after I sat on it

2009-12-30 01:37:18′, ‘

Mom has a new kitten which jumped onto my lap and fell asleep.   I had to go look at something, so I picked it up and placed its limp sleeping body in the chair.   When I was done I came back and sat down.  After about 10 seconds I felt something move under me.   I looked down and saw  a little black paw sticking out from between my legs.   It wasn’t making any noise or struggling in any way.  I got up and the cat was just laying there on its back with its legs all kinda splayed out.   When I picked up the kitten, it was all limp in my hands.   I couldn’t tell if the cat was just still asleep or that I had killed it.  I shook it some to see if I could just wake it up, but I was worried that if something in the cat was broke, that I would make the cat’s problem worse if I shook it too hard.   So after some gentle wiggling of the cat, it seemed to move its legs a little.   Eventually after much poking, I woke the cat up and it walked slowly away from me.  Now I don’t know if I knocked the cat out or just had a hard time waking it up, or both.   But the good thing is that I didn’t kill mom’s cat.’, ‘

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