2010-10-24 01:21:33′, ‘

As I was driving along Vale road at high speed in my Prius with my family.  I noticed that there was  a Deer on the side of the road.  As I came near it, it decided to cross the road.   I started to hit my brakes and I saw that the Deer saw me as it put its foot on the road.  I figured, “Ah Ha!”  it will not continue onto the road and I could stop hitting my brakes.  I was wrong.  It decided to “Go for it”, trusting in its speed to cross the road.  Stupid deer.  It timed its crossing so that I would be forced to hit it.  I hit my brakes harder as the deer was running broadside so it would be easier to hit.  My anti-lock braking system started to do its buzzing thing as I hit the brakes really hard.  My left front bumper struck the deer with a loud THUMP which sent the deer sliding on its side across the road.   I watched its legs kicking the air as it tried to get back on its feet.  I figured that I had broken its back legs and I was about to witness something horrible as it tried to stand up.    It finally got its feet under itself and started running towards the woods as I failed to see any dangling appendages on the deer.    But it seemed uninjured and disappeared into the woods.  So I kept on driving down the road to my destination where my car did not show any damage.