The Dry Pond is no longer a Virgin

2008-05-22 03:03:30′,

Hear Ye, Hear Ye! It is official, Big Ed was witnessed doing a catch and release of 3 different fish from the Dry Pond. Rejoice and bask in Ed’s glory, because he was the first, and must be acknowledged. There will be others. But, For this story to be complete, A frog must be caught there. And a snake or Snakes. And a Newt. And a Turtle.  Ducks and Geese must be seen cavorting. And maybe, just maybe, A deer, with sunlight glistening from its 23 point antlers must be seen drinking from the calm clear waters of the pond. Coyotes will be heard howling to each other across the waters. Someday, a skinny dipper will be spotted hiding behind the Island. Row Boats with couples singing to each other will skim in intricate patterns across the pond. And last, but not least, I look forward to having many many Dragonflies patrolling the waters and keeping us safe from mosquitoes. It has started. Let it Continue. I patiently await fulfillment.’, ‘