I got a Fax

2008-07-16 02:31:39′,

‘When I got home from work today. There was about 17 messages on my answering machine. 16 of them were just a long series of beeping sounds. I got a call later and when I answered it, I got a loud beeping in my ear. The call was from some orthopedic place. When I called the number, I got fax sounds. Nobody answered. I figured that the Ortho place had tried to send a fax to my home number and since it was unsuccessful, it would keep trying it every 10 minutes. I was bummed. I didn’t want this to go on all nite. I remembered that the printer I just bought had a fax option so I hooked it up to the phone line and waited. When I got the call, I received a fax from the ortho company asking that some lady named Ruth to pay a late bill. It was only $83. There was a contact number which I called and told them to get rid of my phone number from Ruth’s account. We will see if I get any more faxes from them.’, ‘