iPhone Drama

2012-11-08 03:29:52′, ‘

Laura has a new job where she cannot bring her iPhone into the building.  So when she leaves it in her car, she sets the locking pass code.  Yesterday, she must have fat fingered her pass code setting and she could not unlock her phone when she got back.   Laura was sad.  She could not make a phone call, she could not access her maps.   When she got home, she told me to fix it.  So I went to the internet.  It turns out that for iPhone Operating system 4, there was an unlock hack which could recover a pass code.  The problem was that Laura’s iPhone has version 5 which was much more secure.  The only option was to totally wipe out her phones memory to reset the Pin.  Then restore her phone from a backup.  There was a problem in that Laura had not done a sync for over a month.  She was sad.  So we went for it.  The next problem was that iTunes required that she upgrade her OS to version 6 which would disable her favorite mapping program Google Maps.  There was no way to keep Version 5.  Laura was more sad.   We wiped her phone.  Hooked it up to iTunes and it installed V6 ios.  Then I went to the restore options and discovered that the only backup on her laptop was from 6 months ago.  It seems that all the Syncs she had been doing for the last 5 months had been failing, but Laura hadn’t noticed.    Laura was even more sad.  So I restored that backup.    Her phone works now,’, ‘