Laura Can really Yell

I was holding a glass of Ice Water when I leaned over to give Laura a good night kiss. Little did I know that as I leaned, the glass also leaned. Thus it poured a quantity of Ice cold water onto her bare thigh. Since my head was next to her mouth at the time, the scream of whatever it was she screamed was very intense in my ear. So I stood back up and tried to figure out what her problem was. She was not coherent and it took a moment for her to explain what happened. I now know that she can yell really loud without a moments notice.

SUV Rant

2006-01-08 17:52:45′,

‘When I am following a SUV thru a parking lot with speed bumps, I have to deal with the SUV driver slowing to 1/2 mph in order to go over the speed bump. I drive a Prius with a ground clearance of about 3 inches and I can go over those speed bumps easily at about 10 mph without spilling any of my coffee. These SUV’s have about a 7 inch ground clearance but they still crawl over the speed bumps. Like Aarrgggg! I pity the person who has to follow them into an Off road environment.’, ‘

Mathmetician Joke

An Engineer, a Biologist and a Mathmetician were watching a house and saw two people enter the house. After a while they saw three people come out of the house. The Engineer said “We must have seen something wrong”. The Biologist said “They must have bred”. The Mathmetition said “If just one more person enters the house, it will be empty”.’, ‘

Steve J told a story

2005-08-11 19:21:15′, ‘

Around the Cabin campfire one night, I heard a story that goes like this: A long long long time ago when Steve J’s Jeep was new. He was working on it at the Turner Oakton house. As lunchtime approached he got hungry and was heading out to get some fast food. A cute little hungry kid had been helping him so he asked the kid if he wanted to go to McDonalds. The kid yelled out “McDonalds!!!”. From around the corner another kid looked at Steve and said “McDonalds?”. Then from farther into the house, another young voice said “McDonalds?” and Steve heard feet running towards the back door. Throughout the house were choruses of “McDonalds”, “McDonalds” and lots of feet converging at the back door. Steve ended up looking at 5 hungry kids who were expecting to go to McDonalds with him. Steve stared at this collection for a while and the decided “What the heck” and let all the kids pile into his Jeep for a trip to McDonalds. I don’t know if this is really a true story because it sounds like a commercial, but knowing my family it sounds very possible.’, ‘An Old Story