I hit my ankle with my axe

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Since my lawn maintenance worker decided to stop mowing my lawn, I had to get Nick to fix the walk behind mower that I bought from him about 10 years ago.  After Nick played with the carburetor, it started on the second pull.  I decided to mow my lawn today.   So I chased the mower around the yard and when I got about 3/4 thru, the mower started surging and then died.  I called Nick, who remotely diagnosed that  I had water in my tank.  I drained some gas into a bottle and could not tell if there was any water in there.  I had to syphon the gas out of  the tank and I now remember vividly what gas tastes like.  I then practiced spitting a lot.  I tore things apart and figured that there was a bunch of dirt at the bottom of the new tank that Nick had put on the mower.   The new gas filter he had put on, was full of junk.  I was jamming Q-Tips into the drain thing to try to clear out the clog but nothing worked.   I eventually put a hose on the drain thing and blew air back into the tank.  At first it was hard to blow and then it blew clear.  I once again remembered what gas tasted like.  When I hooked things back up, the gas was flowing freely.  I finished mowing the lawn. 

Later I decided to chop down a maple tree that was putting too much shade in my back yard with my Axe. It was only about 6 inches in diameter, so I figured I did not need to get out the Chainsaw.   After about 3 minutes of chopping the tree went Thump, Thump and was leaning against another tree with a very long 3 inch diameter branch sticking out over the back yard.  It was about a foot  over my head and I tried to swing at it to start cutting it off.  I missed.  It was a very hard swing.  I had not expected to miss it.  My arms continued to move in an arc past the branch and then down straight in front of me.  Next thing I knew, it had stopped by hitting my left ankle.   I had sharpened my Axe very well.  I looked down at my foot, expecting the worst, but found that I had put my hiking boots on in order to mow the lawn.   There was no blood.  I went inside and took the boot off.  I had a 3 inch line of scraped skin starting at my ankle that was beginning to swell.  Like Ouchie.  I had thought about wearing my Teva sandals to mow the lawn,  but in retrospect, I made the right decision.

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