When Nature Attacks

2009-12-30 02:23:10′, ‘

Eddie and I joined Anna’s Scouts at the cabin Saturday nite. Eddie had a lot of fun and stayed up late playing Capture the Flag with the scouts.    Then we went to bed in our tent.   About 3 O’clock in the morning I heard an animal moving around the tent and since it was outside, I just listened to it a little bit and went back to sleep.   A little later, I heard another noise.   I opened my eyes and it’s pitch black, can’t see a thing. I am still a bit sleepy and it seems that the animal is inside the tent.   I am trying to figure out how it got inside the tent when I realize that the animal is moving towards me in the dark. I feel it start to climb on my air mattress,   I give a crazy yell to scare it and shove at it so that it flies across the tent. Then it makes a noise that sounds like “Daddy, why did you push me off the bed?” It seems that Eddie decided to move from his air mattress to mine.   Oh well, no blood no foul.

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