When Nature Attacks, Someone at the Cabin Goes Down

2009-12-30 02:24:19

On Memorial Day Weekend, A Motorcyclist was riding down the trail at the Farm House when he was attacked and thrown from his motorcycle by an element of Nature.  It slashed his face as it lifted him from his bike, viciously pulled him into the air and smashed him into the ground.   His collarbone was shattered and required surgery and he also sustained a broken ankle.   Doug W. helped drag his damaged body out of the woods to the road where Fire and Rescue personnel took him to the hospital.   There they surgically removed his very expensive motocross body armor.   His boots were saved tho, because they removed them before Doug arrived.   Due to the nature of his wounds it was necessary to evacuate him to a Fairfax Hospital where his collarbone was reconstructed and somewhere along the way his face was stitched up.   The ankle only got a soft cast.

In other words a,Vicious vegetative verdant Vino Vine violently vaulted a valiant vanguard who Vacated and vamoosed from his Vehicle with vehemence and velocity leaving the victim a vestige of his vivaciousness.

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