Sourdough OverFlow

Back in the Spring when yeast was not available, I picked up some sourdough starter and got it going in a jar. I made sourdough bread by hand and using my bread maker. I also made sourdough pancakes with blueberries. I started a 2nd jar as a backup in case I messed up and put it in the fridge to slow down the little yeasties. Yesterday I pulled it out after 2 months and it was looking a little funky. I cleaned it up and added some flour in order to wake the yeast up or to see if I had kill them. The rubber band shows where the sourdough was at after I added a cup. According to the internet, it may take a while for that to happen. They were wrong. Overnight they generated enough yeast bubbles to overflow the jar. So I guess things are good. Now to make more bread.

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