Fire on North 60

2005-04-18 15:31:59′, ‘

Jeff P. was burning some stuff on the North 60, covered it up and came back the next day to check on it. When he stirred it up, the wind blew flaming paper all over the field. He called the fire dept and about 5 different fire departments responded. Only the field got burned and no one was hurt, but he got fined. A litte bit of the burn got into the neighbors field but did not damage his equipment. The field has a very pretty black area, it looks like the original fire was next to the road in the black area closest to back of the field. I checked with They had the following entry Sunday, April 106:14-6:29 p.m.: grass fire, 400 block of Cedar Creek Grade; Shawnee Volunteer Fire and Rescue Company responded. Kinda a boring fire.’, ‘

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