July 4th was July 3rd 2005

2005-07-08 03:40:13′, ‘

The Fourth of July happened on the North 60. Nick and friends set up 4 tables and kept a constant barrage of Mortars and Helicopters. No injuries were reported, but there were at least 2 fires in the field. Laura abandoned her child in order to run across the field and stomp one of them out. The fire that is, not a child. The pot luck dinner that we brought a fruit salad for never happened but we ate real food anyway because I brought a KFC meal just in case. Chris found a yellow jacket nest in the Basket ball pole and there were attempts to stick fire crackers and bottle rockets in the nest. Gasoline was also poured in the pole but Jeff would not let them light it. Nick burned all the firework trash in the fire pit and we were entertained as mortar shells and rockets blew up in the pit. They look kind of pretty up close. None the less, no injuries were sustained. Steve J. lit some snake cubes which were mostly ignored by all.

Little Eddie and his friend collected rocks from behind the King George pavilion and carried them to the creek and threw them in. They also threw handfuls of the dusty dirt into the air and ran thru the dirt cloud for fun.

Two mice made the mistake of putting their nest in the BBQ grill. When it was lit, they tried to run for it. The first one was chased around the pavilion till it got away in the wood pile. The second one tried to climb a tree. It was doing good until Nick thwaped it with his hand and Big Ed got its tail with his leatherman. He Threw it to the fishes where it swam to shore. When you got away from the fire, the lightning bugs were in all the trees around the cabin area. It looked really cool. Some City girl relatives of Big Ed came to the cabin and had a grand old time screaming at the mice and refusing to use the out house.’, ‘

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