A “The Shoot” Conversation

2006-03-16 02:05:37′,

‘I was at lunch with a number of my co-workers when I brought up “The Shoot” which we hold at the Farm. I mentioned that a number of people come up there to shoot their collections of guns. So, a co-worker starts going on and on about a rifle range he goes to that is SO flexible and lets him shoot as much as he wants for a certain fee. I tried to tell him that people shoot for quite a while at our shoot, but he interrupts me to talk about how great his rifle range is again. So I ask him if his range will let him bring his own targets to the range. He says, of course, they can bring targets for the range. He starts to irritate me so I ask “Do they let you shoot at propane cylinders with tracer rounds?” For some reason, this question caught everybody’s attention at the table and we were the center of  attention. He stammered and said that his range was an indoor range and they probably would not allow it. Now some of my co-workers stare at me at work.

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