Dog Bite

2007-02-07 02:22:32′, ‘

I was talking with a Co-Worker in the hall at work and we noticed a woman walking down the hall with an arm sling on with her hand poking out and a heavily bandaged finger with a metal brace around it. She looked frazzled and said that she was just back from the hospital because she had been bitten by a dog. She said that she was walking her dog this morning and it was attacked by another dog. She put her hand in the middle of it and her finger was mauled. Everyone collected around her and was sympathizing while she pointed out how far down her finger the dog had chomped her. People were asking her questions about if the dogs had had rabies shots and “How big was the attacking dog?”. She looked so sad with her bandaged finger and she kinda reminded me of my sister. I decided to offer her a positive statement to help her attitude on things. I said “It sure is a good thing that they didn’t have to get your finger back from inside the dog’s stomach“. For some reason this caused everyone in earshot to start making all sorts of noises. She was staring at me while holding her sore hand but she did not look sad anymore. So mission accomplished, I went back to my desk to await another opportunity to break up a somber mood.

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