Workplace Telemarketer

I was sitting at my work desk minding my own business when the phone rang.  I answered it and immediately some lady on the phone started some spiel about a mortgage loan.  I was having trouble understanding her so I asked her what was the point of her call.  She started up again about 2 points below market, blah blah blah.  Well I know that telemarketers are suppose to shut up and never call again if you say the magic words “Put Me on Your Do Not Call List” and I almost invoked those words.  But I felt the need to put a little fear into her.  I work for a DOD agency so I decided to tell her “Do you realize that you have just called a FEDERAL facility?”  She said “oh” and started to say something else when the line went dead.  This made me feel good and I don’t think she will call back.’, ‘

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