Brender Broke

2008-02-05 03:55:00′, ‘

Nick had a problem this morning. He heard a thumping about 6am and went to yell at Chris who wasn’t up yet. It was coming from the bathroom where Brenda was banging the trashcan on the floor because she was too weak to yell. And for some reason Brenda feels a need to lock the bathroom door at 6 in the morning. So anyway Nick has to go find the key to unlock the door and found her lying on the floor hugging the rug. According to the Appendicitis entry at Wikipedia, if she had an inflamed appendix which lies on the psoas muscle then the patient will lie with the right hip flexed for pain relief. She tells him to call 911. Nick takes her to the Hospital in one of his snow plow trucks with the lights flashing. The doctors there decide that she has broken her Appendix. So hers probably looked something like this. I don’t know much about what happened next but She underwent surgery and seems to have survived. She will be allowed to go home on Tuesday afternoon to experience all her post surgical pain. Nick has asked the Doctor to save the video of the operation. When he gets it, you will be able to watch it here. There is also a good chance that she will be able to take the little black piece of appendix finger home in a jar so they can display it over the new Television. That would be cool.

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