Laura interrupted my Computer game

2008-01-21 01:48:11′, ‘

I was having a wonderful time playing Battlefield 2142 against other people on the Internet with my computer when I heard Laura start screaming from down stairs. I wasn’t sure what was up so I decided to go check it out. She kept screaming so I started moving a little faster. When I got to the stairs, she was still going strong and I heard the word “Fire”. I started moving a lot faster and almost fell down the stairs as I tried to figure out where she was. When I got to the kitchen, she said the Dryer was on fire and she handed me the fire extinguisher which was still in the box. I looked at the dryer and saw light coming from a crack in the front panel. I finished opening the box, took it out and pulled the pin. I could see the flames flickering from the crack and tried to pull the dryers front panel off. It would not come off. I stuck the nozzle of the extinguisher in the crack and discovered that the little lever on the back of the extinguisher does not make it do its thing. You have to push the lever on the top of it. After two shots into the crack, the flames went out and the laundry room was filled with smoke and fire extinguishing powder. It tastes funny. I ran downstairs, got my crowbar and tried to get the panel off. It wouldn’t come off. I had to dig up the instruction manual and finally got it off. The bottom of the inside of the dryer was covered with lint about 3/4 inch deep. The top layer was black from burning and there were spots where the flames had burned in much deeper. Insulation had melted from some wires underneath. We were lucky. When I went back to my computer game, the punkbuster part of the game had kicked me out of the game because I had stopped moving my character. I forgave the game.

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