Coke Did me in

2006-03-11 21:45:44′, ‘

I had to drive to a meeting so I got a sandwich and a Coke. When I got in the car I loosened the cap so I could take a drink later and put it in the cup holder beside me. As I turned out of the parking lot onto the road. The coke fell against my leg, Started foaming and sprayed coke in my pants pocket and along my leg. I straightened it out and used some of the napkins to wipe up the mess when I came to a stoplight. I tightened the Cap and the cup holder to hold it more securely. Later on in the trip, I turned the other way while merging onto 95. The coke flew out of the cup holder whammed up against the passenger door and started foaming with extreeme prejudice. It was spraying foaming coke on the door, the car seat, my briefcase, and the presentation materials that I was going to hand out at the meeting. I grabbed the spraying coke bottle and put it back in the cup holder while it put more foam all over my right hand. Since I was on the highway there was not much I could do about the mess and my very sticky hand.  I was not happy. While I was cleaning up the mess using Laura’s napkin stash, I noticed a wetness starting to get thru to my butt cheek. When I checked down there I found that the first Coke attack had also created a puddle in my car seat that took a while to get thru to me. I was still not happy. So I used white paper napkins to wipe my black pants to dry them off. This process left a large number of white clumps which stuck to my pants and sort of made them more noticeable. I got to the meeting site and ate my sandwich, but for some reason, I was not very thirsty. I figured the coke had it in for me.’, ‘

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