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This is from an IM session I had with Paul T today.

[11/19 19:58] Stanley_Turner@msn.com: yo

[11/19 19:58] PAUL: I am currently away from the computer.

[11/19 20:13] PAUL: did you here abput dave dimico

[11/19 20:13] Stanley_Turner@msn.com: No what happened?

11/19 20:14] PAUL: rolled his bike. it landed on his legs and broke his ankle

[11/19 20:15] Stanley_Turner@msn.com: His family shure breaks legs with 4traks.

[11/19 20:15] PAUL: yeah

[11/19 20:17] PAUL: dave was getting his deer from the o well stand, while coming back up hit a log. the deer shifted and it rolled

[11/19 20:18] PAUL: he had his radio, called nick up on funks, nick called got us at the cabin, we rushed over there and rolled the bike off of him

[11/19 20:18] PAUL: those radios proved their worth today

[11/19 20:19] Stanley_Turner@msn.com: Ya.

[11/19 20:19] PAUL: he may have nerve damage, as well as his knees were hurt also

[11/19 20:19] PAUL: he is a heavy guy to carry up a 30 degree slope

[11/19 20:20] Stanley_Turner@msn.com: Somebody drove him to hospital or amublance was called?

[11/19 20:20] PAUL: billy drove him

[11/19 20:20] PAUL: robin and brenda met them there. the drs thought that we took a chance by transporting him because of his heart issues

[11/19 20:22] Stanley_Turner@msn.com: What time did it happen?

[11/19 20:22] PAUL: noonThat is all I have so far.Stan’, ‘Dave D. Got Broke’, 0, ”, ‘publish’, ‘open’, ‘open’, ”, ‘

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