My blender is sharp

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At my new place of employment I have been spoiled because they had a Starbucks in the cafeteria where I got my caffeine fix each morning. But at $2 a pop I decided to start making Coffee in my Cubicle. At home I had a large container of Coffee beans. But I did not think it would be a good idea to grind coffee beans in my cubicle each morning. Therefore I decided that to grind my beans at home and take the grounds to work. During my investigation of how my coffee grinder worked, I noticed that it had little tiny blades just like my the ones in my blender, only the blenders ones were bigger and since I had a LOT of beans to do, I decided to use the blender to grind my beans. So I dump about a half cup of beans in the blender and switch it to grind mode. Things spin around and the blades spin real fast but not all the beans have get ground up. So I turn it off and grab my special silicon spatula thingie and poke it into the blender to stir things up. I fire up the blender again and more beans are ground up but I need to stop it and stir things up. A couple more times and I have some grounds to go in my coffee ground container. I still have a lot of beans left so I dump a bunch more beans in the blender and start it up. Lots of grinding occurs and it needs stirring again. I decide to save time and leave the blender on when I stick my black silicon stirrer thingee in the blender to move things around. I figure since the silicon is so flexible that I could stand up to a little beating by the blender blades. At first, things work as expected and I push beans into the spinning blades. Occasionally the blades hit the rubber silicone spatula and it makes a loud noise but the silicone is strong and survives without damage. I start to grind my 3rd set of beans and just plan to use the spatula the whole time. Towards the end of the grinding process, I really push the spatula into the blades many times. Suddenly the sound changes as the blender finally succeeds in ripping my fancy black silicone spatula to shreds. I now have lots of little silicone particles mixed up in my coffee grounds. Since I really don’t want to waste any of my coffee grounds, I decide to add the whole coffee ground/silicone mix into my coffee ground stash. I figure that since the silicone is inert to about 500 degrees, that it would not hurt things because the coffee filter would keep the silicone out of my coffee. Also, the silicone is black and does not distract from the color of the coffee grounds. So I happily take my container of coffee grounds to work and have been making coffee all week.

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