You know you have been coughing a lot when…

2010-12-15 04:01:27′, ‘

For the last week, I have had a cold  with sneezing, a runny nose and lots of productive coughing.  While I was cleaning up after dinner in the kitchen, I had to cough a lot.  Laura was helping and we were talking.   I had a fit of coughing into my hand then I did some stuff and noticed that my hand was sticky.  When I looked at my hand it was covered with some red slime and I think “Oh S#%t”, I have just coughed up some blood.   As I examined the red goo, I tried to think about what it meant.   I remembered from some stupid television hospital drama that you could tear your esophagus from too much coughing.    I figured that blood from my lungs probably was not going to be good for my evening relaxation and I didn’t want to show my red gooie hand  to Laura.  So I calmly walked over to the white paper towels to wipe my reddish problem up and get a better look at it.   I don’t know why, but I licked the white paper towel and rubbed my teeth to see if there was any blood in my mouth.  There wasn’t any.    The red stuff on the paper towel just did not look right so I started thinking about what I had been doing.   I remembered that before I had done that last cough,  I had put something in the refrigerator.   When I looked in the fridge, I saw that it was a jar of mild red Salsa.   It seems that I had not done a good job of  pouring the salsa out and it had dribbled down the side of the jar.  It got on my hand when I put it in the fridge.    I should learn to be neater in the future.  Maybe I will increase my medical insurance coverage.’, ‘

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